Sustainable British Hardwood Logs
Clean burning, eco-friendly wood fuel, grown just for you in the United Kingdom.
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High Quality Biomass Wood Pellets
EN plus A1 grade stove and Biomass boiler wood pellets. Sourced directly from the United Kingdom.
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UK originated briquettes
Premium heat from the comfort of your home.
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Instant igniting kindling
Start your fire the right way with our UK sourced kindling.
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All of our products are

100% British

Minimising our carbon footprint!

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Sustainably Sourced

Hardwood Logs


BSL Approved






Our Accreditations

Here at Maden Eco Fuels we feel that having the correct accreditations is an important aspect of selling renewable fuels to customers as it presents good ethics and helps to gain a good company, client trusting relationship.

Case Studies

Stobo Castle Health Spa

115.5kW Solar installation at Stobo Castle in August 2014. The array will generate over 100,000kWh of clean green energy for the health spa every year and is monitored, enabling owners and staff to view the yield and production levels on a daily basis.

Whitslaid Farm

Maden Eco have now installed two fully fuctioning, FiT compliant Solid Wind Power 25kW wind turbines for Mr Douglas Younger of Whitslaid Farm in Lauder. With a proven track record going back 20 years, the turbines are the quietest on the market and capable of generating up to 90,000kWh per annum.

Freelands Farm

150kW L&S biomass boiler to meet the 134.8kW heat demand of seven properties at Freelands Farm in Ratho. Integrating internet has recently been connected to the boiler enabling us to have remote access to the boiler settings in case of any fault codes or running problems.


All good throughout the process, I didn’t use your online shop as I like talking to people, but your service was first rate and I would not hesitate to recommend you.

C Rushton-GreenHawick

So far so good. Driver had a bit of a struggle getting the crate into my garage but made it OK. Haven’t had the stove lit yet-but the logs all look good size-not too big, not too small.

Will get in touch again when the winter comes!!

D RedpathKelso

Just a short message thanking you for delivering my logs this morning. I was delighted with the quality of the logs which were delivered by your helpful and knowledgeable staff.

K WeightmanBerwick-upon-Tweed

I ordered from Maden Eco Fuels on a Saturday afternoon and the logs were delivered on Monday. I received a phone call prior to delivery and the driver was very efficient. The dumpy bags were easy to unload and drag into my shed. The logs were properly dry and burn with great heat in the wood burner. I will be ordering again.

D BellBerwick-upon-Tweed